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I'm Just Your Problem (Katsuki Bakugou X Reader)

I'm Just Your Problem (Katsuki Bakugou X Reader)

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Weirdo.exe By texmex888 Updated Sep 24, 2016

When you were young, your parents were killed by an evil being, who you hope to find one day. You strive to be a hero, to be able to avenge your parents, but you run into a classmate of yours who only wants his own way. He gets in your way, as you get in his. While butting heads with him, you become friends with some from your class, become closer with the hot-head of the year, and try and investigate who the murderer who killed your parents is.

Have fun reading this, it might be terrible (O_O)

Link to playlist around this: spotify:user:utahimemoonshine:playlist:2mIuIXPPWOzaO6mW1Hzih6

Cowritten by: DweebyCake

SnowgizLuv SnowgizLuv Mar 15
I thought it said a small dick came through the lick and I spit out my drink
_Tomo-chan_ _Tomo-chan_ Nov 27, 2016
Just read the first part then i see air manipulation and i was like " Fear me i am the airbender"
And this is where all the cussing starts. Might as well do it too!
                              (Got this line from anothah story)
                              Acting like a dick won't make yours any bigger.
Captain_Shortstack Captain_Shortstack Dec 24, 2016
I'm singing the adventure time song right now. I'M JUST YOUR PROOOOOBLEEEEEEEM
if only my parents were like this, i cant be left from their sight
                              AND THIS IS A 17 YEAR OLD IM TALKING ABOUT