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Joyden By irisorion Updated 3 days ago

I press the silver tipped barrel against his forehead and take a deep breath. I thought I was ready to kill him, I thought the argument we had today would be enough to fuel my passion to kill him but....I couldn't. I look down at him and how peaceful he was sleeping with no care in the world. He knew he'd wake up tomorrow, he knew he'd be okay and he knew I would never betray him. And here I am ready to slaughter him like a dog in the streets. All I could hear in the the back of my head was, "Do this for Napoleon."
So I did.                                                                                 
Lucas and Dillyn Coly WERE living the dream. Living in Atlanta, making music, and smashing hoes on a regular. But that was months ago when everything was simple. Now the whirlwind of drama was bigger than ever. And with all the dirty secrets they tried to hide were now in the open, revenge was on everybody's mind. Whether they were fighting for their family or the women they loved they were fighting to kill.

Bosslady06 Bosslady06 Mar 12
Damn dill if we didn't hear from you who we heard it from? The ghost next to ya?😂
BC BC , YOU KNOW YOU KNOW ! #BenedictCollege .... no but seriously somebody come put these niggas in check .. srry im late . lol .
LoMoneyy__ LoMoneyy__ Oct 12, 2016
Bihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😳😂😂💀💀💀💀 I'm dead asl bruh
Lilmssharon122 Lilmssharon122 Oct 15, 2016
I though Lucas died 😂😂I feel bad for they grandpa tho 😢😪
Badgalsana Badgalsana Dec 28, 2016
Bruh😭💀 Why I Though It Was Lucas My Heart N My Ass N Shir 🙄🖕🏽
slimmmm22 slimmmm22 Nov 16, 2016
This guy dumped her dirty laundry all around the school and she's dating him again...