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Book 4 of the Seven Seas Series

Agent 12 is a CIA agent sent on a mission, along with his trusted partner, Agent 47. He expected it to go smoothly like any other but when traitors are found and Agent 12 is stuck between the barrel of a gun and a wall, he has no choice but fall to his own fate.

Ava is a fickle creature, breaking the hearts of men in her kingdom, but on a fateful night she meets a strange human that seems like an enigma, an exciting puzzle she couldn't wait to solve.

But as tensions arise within the walls of the palace, Ava has no choice but turn to the man she longed for.

  • action
  • agent
  • bxb
  • cia
  • drama
  • mermaid
  • merman
  • romance
  • spy
Thatweirdkidkarene Thatweirdkidkarene Jan 03, 2017
I can't believe I'm on the fourth book already and it's only been a few hours
barbie66 barbie66 Jun 24, 2016 cant wait to see who will find him and save him ???the queen perhaps?????looking forward to the next it....💖💗💙💗💖
Violett_Night Violett_Night Jun 24, 2016
Ooh 😊
                              Secret Agent stuff 😄
                              I like, I like a lot. 
                              But now the only question is how long until we see Cameos of all pur old favourites?
                              Plus we never found out what happened with Crazy Witch guy who hears the voices in the Diamond dungeon. 
                              Until the next update 😁
bob025 bob025 Jun 23, 2016
Interesting, the books all have kings but now this one has queen in the title...
TsubakiAi TsubakiAi Jun 25, 2016
Gorgeous and classy !!😍 I wonder what will happen to him next~ Cant wait for more and as I thought ~ I love your stories 😘😉