Various YouTuber One-Shots!

Various YouTuber One-Shots!

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RyanΩ By YouTubbs4884 Updated 3 days ago

Hello Tubbies! Welcome to my wondrous collection of one-shots! lol I'm only joking, some of them are shit. BUT! This will not stop me from writing! So, without any further delay, I present to ye Banana Bus Crew, Derp Crew, and various other YouTuber stories! I hope ye enjoy!

Also side note, some of the stories, mostly the later ones to come, will contain smut, and a lot of them are very dark, so be warned! And, the names of the ships are not mentioned in the chapter names, so if ye wanna know ahead of time, they're mentioned at the end of each story.


toxicelliott toxicelliott Sep 26, 2016
Jealous niggas hate my flow wanna know how, you can suck my dick later hater not now, cuz I'm on my way to the top I hate the ground
-GayUnicorns- -GayUnicorns- Sep 21, 2016
ᴴᴹᴹᴹᴹᴹᴹ ᴺᴵᶜᴱ *ˢᶜᴿᴱᴬᴹˢ ᴵᴺ ᴾᴵᴸᴸᴼᵂ* ᵂᴴᴬᵀ?! ᵁ ᴺᴱᵛᴱᴿ ˢᴱᴱᴺ ᴬ ᴳᴵᴿᴸ ˢᶜᴿᴱᴬᴹ?!
YouTubbs4884 YouTubbs4884 Oct 06, 2016
@toxicelliott This was so much fun xD Ye get the ten points!!
DarkOhmie256 DarkOhmie256 Jul 29, 2016
I loved it. It was something different. I never heard of Vaneye before... AWESOME!!!
YouTubbs4884 YouTubbs4884 Oct 17, 2016
@Winglessgriffen Ya, but also keeping in mind this was my first story ever and i also didn`t have a clue what Wattpad was lol But ya i agree.
toxicelliott toxicelliott Sep 26, 2016
You would think the studio's haunted filled with nothing but dead beats;murder tracks when I'm on them