Summers Goodbye ➺ Nalu⚜ [ON-HOLD]

Summers Goodbye ➺ Nalu⚜ [ON-HOLD]

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✂"Love can't always bring you happiness or even bring a smile to your face. Love can be painful. It will bring a tear to the eye and it will break your heart into millions of pieces... Which is why I regret falling in love..."

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SazukiChan SazukiChan Aug 20
Baka, Natsu don't just stand there like a baby. Lucy risked her life for her even though she didn't know her and shes your sister!!!!!
SJships35 SJships35 Apr 03
                              HERE LEMME HUG ALL OF YOU!! LEVY! NATSU!! WENDY!! LUCY!!
Bruh! If you know your gonna hit her, you don't keep moving, YOU STOP THE GOSH DARNED CAR YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!
joyfire4 joyfire4 Sep 16, 2016
This is so touching but so awesome cant wait to read the others
LucyNeel_ LucyNeel_ Jul 02, 2016
Loved the first chapter I'm so glad you finally starting on this story as always thanks again for the mention
fsg2004 fsg2004 Jun 21, 2016
CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Please update soon!!!!!!!
                              P.S. You are an amazing writer!!!!