The Girl I Met Under A Cherry Blossom Tree ~ A Nalu Fanfic

The Girl I Met Under A Cherry Blossom Tree ~ A Nalu Fanfic

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Kpop_lover18 By Sophie_otaku123 Updated Nov 18

Natsu Dragneel is a 14 year old boy, who is reckless, hates the word love and he is also a careless person. One day, he was playing outside with his little sister, Wendy. When Wendy was crossing the road (to get her ball), a car was about to hit her, but a girl with blonde hair saved her. Wendy only got minor injuries, but for the other girl, she was in a bad condition. Wendy & Natsu wanted to meet her, but they couldn't. A few month's later, Natsu meets a girl under a cherry blossom tree and she was in a wheel chair. And the girl happens to be the girl who saved Wendy. Her name is, Lucy Heartfilia. Lucy & Natsu became friends and Natsu & Wendy decide to take care of Lucy to thank her for saving Wendy. Later on, Natsu realizes his feelings for Lucy and now thinks that love isn't all that bad.

P.S. I didn't steal anyone's idea(s). I just came up with it. And if you wrote a similar story to this, please don't report this story. I didn't steal anyone's idea(s) and I wrote/published this story because I thought that this was a good idea and I didn't think that someone else already made a similar story like this. Thank you for understanding. 

- Sophie (A.K.A Sophie_Otaku123)

joyfire4 joyfire4 Sep 16
This is so touching but so awesome cant wait to read the others
Loved the first chapter I'm so glad you finally starting on this story as always thanks again for the mention
fsg2004 fsg2004 Jun 21
CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Please update soon!!!!!!!
                              P.S. You are an amazing writer!!!!
This is awesome !! Can't wait for the next chapter! ♡•♡
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Seriously. I want to read it soooo badly!!! Please update the chapter as soon as you can! And othanks for mention me
So cute. I Wich I was lu- I mean nothing *blushing so red* (redder than Erza's hair)