Falling for You (Sans X Frisk)

Falling for You (Sans X Frisk)

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Rachie Andrews By RachieAndrews Updated Dec 11, 2017

A/N: Frisk will be identified as a sixteen year old female in this story. There will also be Frisk x Asriel, but that's not the main pairing. All Characters belong to the brilliant Toby Fox. Enjoy!


Frisk was a simple girl. She was quiet, didn't ask for much, and always held a look of unshakable determination in her eyes. Ever since she'd fallen to the UNDERGROUND four years ago, things around her had changed.

She was no longer surrounded by people who neglected her existence like the humans; instead, she showed mercy to the monsters of the underground, who in return welcomed her with open arms. 

The once young human girl, Frisk, had, over the years, become a beautiful teenaged girl who taught the monsters the many things she could remember about the human world. 

Asgore had given up trying to reach the human world, seeing as how everything had seemed to settle peacefully. 

But when she's faced to deal with the coronation of Prince Asriel, how will she deal with it when she doesn't know how to sort out her feelings?

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