The Blossom In His Icy Heart - Bleach Hitsugaya Toshiro Fanfiction

The Blossom In His Icy Heart - Bleach Hitsugaya Toshiro Fanfiction

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Sakura is the daughter of Sousuke Aizen. She never knew that she'll fall in love with a short boy who had an icy heart and who was also her CAPTAIN, Toshiro Hitsugaya. 

No one thought  that it was possible for the icy captain to fall in love, but Sakura made it possible by being the Blossom that warmed the little captain's icy heart.

They were happy together, but they didn't know that something horrible was going to break their relationship. As time went by, she realized that her father was plotting something evil to become the king of all dimensions.

When Ichigo and his friends come to the Soul Society to save Rukia, Sakura decides to help them, so they can help her defeat her father, despite the fact that everyone thinks that she betrayed the Soul Society.

Toshiro, her lover, is an cold and icy boy... He'll never forgive anyone that betrays the Soul Society. 

When the battle between Arrancars and soul reapers happen, who's side will Sakura be on: her two-faced father or the soul reapers who think she's an enemy?

~I want to help as your friend... No... More than as your friend. I want to help as your lover~

~Cover by @taeyeorii~

ZelkyieAnn ZelkyieAnn Apr 28
Le I don't know them. I haven't watched this anime yet. But I love the title that's why I tried to read it even though it'll be hard for me to understand since I don't know the anime >~>
candelierss candelierss Apr 16
Great start! I love the way it started, and how the character aka oc immediately met the other character with a flowing encounter that goes with the story. Again, your grammar and detail, on point! It really catches the reader's interest when writing such as this is used. Keep up the fantastic work!
REVIEW😊 The story was beautiful. Although I'm not a bleach fan. I'm not good at giving reviews, but I can do this. Your grammars was good, and I bet your going to be a good author.
                              More on details, and your story will going to be perfect.
                              Thats's all. Love it! 😊😍😍
suoh_tanami suoh_tanami Apr 11
Another amazing story of yours.Again,the grammars,descriptiveness,punctuation needs to the praised.I really love your stories ma'am!Keep up being a great and awesome writer and a graphic designer:)
ZelkyieAnn ZelkyieAnn Apr 28
Le I could say that this story will have an awesome upcome. Keep up the good work, author.
                              If you have some time, you have some misspelled words. Try to edit it sometimes.
                              Overall, its an amazing start. ^^
xx-scientia xx-scientia May 01
Hoping that this count as a review XD but anyways,this story is again very AWESOME.The grammar is on flick,very detailed.This book will catch many readers' interest specially the bleach fans.Once again keep up the awesome work.
                              Celine supporting:)💕