APPLEBOTTOM Magic [Completed]

APPLEBOTTOM Magic [Completed]

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Applebottom Magic-  *Sample only- Available at AMAZON

A slapstick naughty paranormal romance. 
For Apple, a horrid family vacation turns into the ride of a lifetime. Finding out that she descends from a long line of witches, Apple pulls up her big girl panties and dives into getting to know her grandmother and aunts. 

But Apple's life is turned upside down when her 'soulmate' shows up on their doorstep looking like the centerfold for latest fireman's calendar. And trying to arrest her grandmother.  

Join Apple as she and her new friends meet three hot heroes, a missing sister, a 121-year old virgin, the find a missing family wand, uncover an ancient prophecy and discover that COW can stand for a whole lot more than a hamburger.

Of course, there is a whole mess of steamy lovin' you don't want to miss wrapped up in some Applebottom Magic!

***Warning: Lots of sarcasm, naughty bits, and inappropriate humor.
Some mature scenes, please read with caution.

**This story was first introduced in a writing contest and had to meet certain parameters. It is meant to be quirky, light-hearted and hilarious. If you are looking for something deep and meaningful, it may not be for you.

lanaroj lanaroj Mar 12
If Aunt Jess is Demi lovato this book sure is something 😄
JasminAMiller JasminAMiller Aug 01, 2016
I recognize Demi Lovato but I think that's it. Who are the other ones?
lillyposs lillyposs Oct 27, 2016
I could never understand the name Prudence ( does it have a meaning?)
EllieKayeWrites EllieKayeWrites Aug 17, 2016
My car doesn't have air conditioning, and it sucks in 80 degree weather. I can't imagine it in the 100s 😩
theresa-may theresa-may Aug 13, 2016
I kind of love the name Apple. I don't know why. And I like that you included a cast. I can never decide which actors I want to play my characters.
lillyposs lillyposs Oct 27, 2016
I don't know how much is 114 degrees but I'm guessing that's very hot lool