Stay By My Side (Kakashi Daughter/Naruto Love Story) || DISCONTINUED||

Stay By My Side (Kakashi Daughter/Naruto Love Story) || DISCONTINUED||

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Liliana Hatake: A girl whose mother was murdered by her older cousin. She was left with only her father, her two cousins, and her best friend Naruto. She has lost a lot in her life, so she decides to become stronger to protect her loved ones. But, what happens when she find out that she has an almost uncontrollable power that will put the people she loves in danger? Will she be willing to break the bonds she has to keep these people safe or will she train to keep them safe from herself? She has missions, adventures, and near death experiences. But there's one question that's always on her mind.

Who will take the risk of staying by her side through it all? 

'I do not own Naruto or any of the original Naruto characters.'

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Rawring-Neko Rawring-Neko Aug 09, 2017
Jiraiya And Konoha by they way no hate just a little mistake is all
RanuKadumi RanuKadumi Dec 16, 2016
                              Your story's description is so similar to the concept of my story!!!
                              And I'm loving your story by the way