My Love: Lesbian Romance (Futanari)(COMPLETED)

My Love: Lesbian Romance (Futanari)(COMPLETED)

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Mane By MingMang_ Completed

Based on true events. Real life character names have been changed for privacy reasons. Some situations have been briefed, or exaggerated for the means of the story's purpose.

A short story of a lesbian couple deeply and purely in love since they were teenagers, facing problems they struggle to overcome but in the end love bounds them through their troubles. There is a lesson to be learned from this story. You can't have everything you've ever dreamed for. Expect the unexpected.

Falling in love is magical.
Being in love is life changing.
Loosing your love is like slowing dying.

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frenchdollaz frenchdollaz Jun 20, 2017
this is what I say to my gay bestfriend, he always checkin dudes out every few seconds 😂
AlexWolf5683 AlexWolf5683 Sep 25, 2017
Damn if I had her skin and attitude I could say I was in a story. 😂😂😂😂
Beautifully102 Beautifully102 Jul 05, 2017
This is crazy i literally act like miracle 
                              I be shy to talk to ppl 
                              Especially fine ass girls
                              I just stare 😥😥
frenchdollaz frenchdollaz Jun 20, 2017
yesss I'm glad you recommended your stories love, this is great!
limisbae limisbae Jul 21, 2016
Come on!!!!!! Where's my update ( I know that you said there must be 10 comments but I luv this story!!!!!!)
afroenby afroenby Jul 14, 2016
Miracle is rash and impulsive while Desiree is patient, speculative, and a go-getter. Desiree is definitely the balance to Miracle's troublesome qualities. They complete each other.