「Find a Way」→Gaster!Sans x Reader

「Find a Way」→Gaster!Sans x Reader

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She's never had friends, she's never been cared for, and the worst part is she doesn't know how to care about people. Then she meets a certain skeleton that changed her whole world.

{Y/n} {L/n} was a girl who could come up with a good comeback on the spot, could take a beating, and still manage to fake a smile. Like everyone else, she had her secrets, but one could result in death for people, so she isolated herself most of the time.

When she decides to run away from her abusive parents, she ends up about to be kidnapped, maybe even raped by some guys in an alleyway, lucky for her, she was saved by a skeleton, yet he still forced her to stick with him, but hey, at least he wanted to protect her.

Then she starts to get close to him and his brothers, and of course her past would come back to haunt her.

With abusive parents searching for her to torment her, finally making friends just to realize she could possibly get them killed, and her inner demons trying to take over her, what could possibly go wrong?

I do not own Undertale or any of it's characters, including AUs.

Me: *breathes in* *sigh* really?? How many storues have i read where G!Sans calls y/n sleeping beauty??
EternalKimFlame EternalKimFlame Dec 31, 2016
Oh.....o.o disappear into the shadows, never to return, never to return
CatLatte247 CatLatte247 Jan 03
This One Time at School I was in Class and When The Teacher Went To Go Make Copies a Boy Called Me a Slut. ._.
CamoGirl900 CamoGirl900 Jan 02
I'm probably the most  awful person for thinking of this...but, I instantly thought of Flora Fauna and Merriwether from sleeping beauty when I read those names....
                              I'm an AWFUL person!!!😫
EternalKimFlame EternalKimFlame Dec 31, 2016
Change the shelves to a dark violet, the chair a light rogue and the rest a bit darker shade and it's my dream room!
DoryDoritoChan DoryDoritoChan Dec 30, 2016
Castiel.... I thought about Castiel.
                              Anyone else?
                              Okay 😔😖😑