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Idiosyncrasy, a very peculiar element to an individual that makes them stand out. An idiosyncratic talent is a completely unique talent. One like no other. This exactly describes Charlotte Evan's most secret talent. Charlotte Evans tries out for the boys varsity team. If you mix the stress of winning State Championships, Boys, and Love, what will happen?

Previously known as Soccer Girl.

Slow updates due to school.

I can't wait till I'm old enough to run away without having to deal with getting caught! Wait till I turn 18 tho lol. This sounds like my kind of story!
Wow this person is so great, I can only imagine that she has amazing and beautiful Japanese friends
Yessss I love cozy houses! Not the really big for nothing houses.
When you been on wattpad so long that you start speaking other languages😂 lmao
If she was trying to get rid of the fame, she should've been a little more conserved... If u don't like my criticism, then tell me pls.