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The Look In Your Eyes [ErrorFresh]

The Look In Your Eyes [ErrorFresh]

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The Crying Woman By DyinqFallenAngelz Updated Sep 24, 2016

yep i know this ship is rly weird but i like it which makes me create this.. WARNING THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING A FANFIC!!! I hope u enjoy.

leaffishere leaffishere Nov 10, 2016
Blueberry knows 'bout things like >THIS>?
                              I think his teacher was Underlust or Swapfell
                              ... Or me xD
DapperBird DapperBird Jun 25, 2016
This is really good so far! It's great to see another ErrorFresh fic on here. It sucks that it isn't a more popular ship. I've only found like four other fics on here so far, but it's my OTP. I can't wait to see what you have planned for this story
leaffishere leaffishere Nov 10, 2016
Stawiam dychę, że in next chapter they lose their vigrinity with each other.
                              And Fresh gonna be pregnant. I just know it. I can feel it in my bones.
                              ... And people gonna kill me for my bad English >.>