A Twisted Cherry Blossom

A Twisted Cherry Blossom

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Sarah Ta By sarahta1324 Updated Jul 27, 2018

"MAMA!!" I screamed as she fell to the ground limp. 

She had a kunai through her heart and her eyes were closed. 


"PAPA!!" I screamed, "Sakura....be a good girl alright? I'm sorry your mama and I won't be here to see you and love you anymore. But remember. We will always love you." He breathed out. 

Tears streamed down my face as it started to rain. I turned around slowly and faced the enemy. He had a smirked plastered on his face. 


Haruno Sakura's childhood had been ruined the moment her parent died in her eyes. She only had her clan left and need to learn to survive when she is alone in the forest. 

What she doesn't know is that she is a stronger Prodigy than Uchiha Itachi himself. 

Her own friends think that she became weak and it was all her fault that Sasuke didn't come back and went with Orochimaru, they think she was too weak to bring Sasuke back, so they left for two years and a bit to try and get Sasuke to come back to Konoha. What they didn't know was, that she had. Fought back the one and only Uchiha Itachi, along with the rest of the Akatsuki when she became...

Read to find out her story.....

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