The Rush -Jacob Sartorius X Reader

The Rush -Jacob Sartorius X Reader

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Jillian. By XxJillyCakesxX Updated 7 days ago

(Y/N) and Jacob have been best friends since 5th grade, and you had a crush on him since 5th year/grade too ^-^. 

Will you come to realization that he might also like you? 

Will Jacob ever say anything about it? (I hope ;-;)

Huge thanks to @-daddymendes for making this beautiful cover x3

hey! so i just changed my user and i was wondering if u could please change the credits to my new name? thx! ❤️
ahhh, just the average 13-yr-olds 😂 don't know if they really want what they's not like you can make love to him y/n