Stucky Oneshots

Stucky Oneshots

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BuckyTakeTheFeels By BuckyTakeTheFeels Updated Sep 02, 2017

This book is full of Stucky AU's! Because I love them (obviously)

I will give warnings at the beginning of each story, but here are some beforehand:

#smut #dom/sub #sub!Bucky #dom!Steve #tiny!Bucky #voilence #sex #serioustopics (I will only write those things when I feel like it. There is cute and cuddly stories too!)


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CEvanslove CEvanslove Jan 28
Oh my god I can't stop laughing. Geez its Middle of the night I am at the hospital and I just laughing so fuckin hard. Thanks
batgirlbrunette batgirlbrunette Aug 04, 2017
That day, he was amazed to discover that when he was saying "as you wish", what he meant was, "I love you". And even more amazing was the day he realized he truly loved him back.
If I’m now asked out like that I ain’t going out 😂😂