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Skyhuntress By Skyhuntress Completed

When your soul is hunted, you can't hide forever.

Thousands of years ago, an evil known as the corruption seeped into the land. Where once it was contained by the Sentinels -- humans or elves gifted with magic -- it now thrives unchallenged, gaining strength and claiming those that once fought it for its own.

Nineteen year old Skye has always known this. Living with demons on your doorstep is a constant fight for survival, but she’s determined to not become one of the corruption’s monsters. To keep her soul pure, no matter the cost. But with the Sentinels gone, betrayed by their own, it’s only a matter of time before the corruption seizes them all. 

When a scouting mission goes awry and Skye is taken prisoner, her blades can’t save her. Marked by the corrupted Sentinel, she waits for a fate worse than death to take hold. Only when the Silverborn, knights dedicated to fighting the corruption come to free her does something awaken within her. Something powerful.

The power of a Sentinel.

Celestial. Fire. Water. Nature. Shadow. None are safe from the corruption.


EerieSky EerieSky Jun 29, 2016
McDonald's cookies are better, you know? However, I 😍😍😍😍 Subway. My life #4ever
Silver0Wolf Silver0Wolf Jan 07, 2017
@Skyhuntress I came back to reread Sentinel and was surprised to find a different prologue than the first time. Different but very good. Has the rest of the book been edited as well or just this?
sambalazs sambalazs Oct 08, 2016
This is a really cool story! Is it published? I can't wait to read on! Skye seems really cool
CaptainSarcastic101 CaptainSarcastic101 Sep 23, 2015
His head would have been on the floor if he said that to me.
MadaraUzumaki MadaraUzumaki Sep 05, 2015
Every time I see the title I'm reminded of the Ruin Sentinels from Dark Souls II
MushroomLover210 MushroomLover210 Dec 29, 2018
To be fair, the context could have been that the weapons first belonged to a man, and was perhaps passed onto Skye.