Remember the Time

Remember the Time

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Jazz By historynerd0401 Updated Apr 06

{1996 - 2001}

Sounds like bliss to Michael and Mariah after the events of the past six years, but things have changed. With Mariah cementing her status as a force of the industry while Michael wants to settle down, have they bitten off more than they can chew?

Sequel to Human Nature and Slipping Away.

NicsLilSis NicsLilSis Jun 23, 2016
The performance was so cute! But Mariah has got to stop being in denial.....I'm not saying she's an alcoholic, but she is a bit too dependent on wine.
ElusiveLambachino327 ElusiveLambachino327 Jun 22, 2016
I absolutely love it ❤ I'm looking forward to a lot of great chapter's in this story.
ElusiveLambachino327 ElusiveLambachino327 Jun 23, 2016
If only they performed that for real 😩 but anyway I hope my baby stop drinking so much to hide her fears from Michael tho 😞
Bookeater1997 Bookeater1997 Jun 22, 2016
I get ! You'd have to be a moonwalker and or lamb to understand
Mjjs1andonlyluv Mjjs1andonlyluv Nov 03, 2016
This story is good already! I love what you said at the end in the little note, it made me smile. Mj and Mariah make a lovely couple. I really enjoyed reading this. Just awesomely addictive! 👍🏾