Still Into You - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Still Into You - A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

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I am a Potato By Miss_Crippsy Updated Dec 03, 2017

|| Mortal AU || Ongoing Fanfiction ||

Percy lit a cigarette and stuck it between his lips. It wasn't the first time he had disregarded his health and it definitely wouldn't be the last. Whispers of smoke rose and twisted around in the air like an erotic dance, twirling and dispersing. It tasted like ash on his tongue and burned the inside of his nostrils. 

Maybe he was a sadist because some sick, little, perverted part of him liked the pain that breathing in smoke and practically choking on the shit gave him. To feel it fill his lungs, deprive him of oxygen.

Maybe he was a hypocrite; he used to hate smokers, he could never understand why people would waste their perfectly normal lives while others died without a choice. And here he was inhaling nicotine like an addict.

Maybe he wanted to die like the coward he was.

Maybe that's just what happened to people when love stabbed them in the back.


WARNING: T/M rating (Violent themes, see tags)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Percy Jackson nor Heroes of Olympus they belong to Rick Riordan. Everyone is mortal!

(Artwork in cover by Anxiouspinapples on tumblr!)

PS There's a tad bit of Annabitch at the beginning of the story but this story is Percabeth so don't worryyy

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