The Lost Girl || A Winchester Sister

The Lost Girl || A Winchester Sister

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Cole By notworthmylent Updated Aug 21, 2017

Introducing Aiden Carter. 

The Winchester boys have had each others back since the beginning of time. Every day they fight monsters, keeping innocent lives and themselves safe. 

The boys have no idea about the sister just a few hours away from where they used to live. 

But she knows them. Every once in a while, when the boys need help, she'll drop a clue. Wipe them from police records. Small things to keep her family safe. Aiden has never met them, they know nothing about her. She prefers it that way.

Then Sam is seriously injured and Dean does something stupid to save him. Will Aiden stay in the background or finally leave the shadows to stop her brother?

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notworthmylent notworthmylent Dec 27, 2017
Yeah. This book is disgustingly obvious towards the character descriptions
notworthmylent notworthmylent Aug 20, 2016
I didn't know anyone was reading!!! I'm sorry! I'll work on it! Thank you guys!
SpyGirl360 SpyGirl360 Aug 16, 2016
Why? Why did you do this to me? You left it on a cliffhanger. Please update it soon.
TheStormyClouds TheStormyClouds Mar 05, 2017
I just love how in this fandom you can just drop a term like 'demon trap' without any explanation. We just go with it no questions asked. Duh 😃😃