HEARTSTRINGS | bungo stray dogs drabbles

HEARTSTRINGS | bungo stray dogs drabbles

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断片 By sociopathxcs Updated Mar 18, 2017

| started : 6/20/16

「my heart is still lookin for you」

[A/N : i don't own bsd, they belong to their rightful owner.] 

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princezenlover princezenlover Nov 25, 2016
Can i request Akutagawa x reader? The plot is what if she found him sleeping on the couch & kiss him, after that is up to you^^ thank you
broken-sorrow broken-sorrow Jun 20, 2016
request please! 
                              kunikida x reader + fluff + kunikida wanted to have a date with the reader. 
                              hope you accept!
kendrops kendrops Jun 21, 2016
request plsss
                              akutagawa x reader + angst + reader
                              akutagawa is denying what he felt about y/n, making her felt pain and forget about him. then, angst about reader. one day, akutagawa came approach her and he felt guilt from what he had done. does that make sense?
                              i hope you understand omf
- - Jun 20, 2016
Atsushi x Reader + Angst + Reader is in love with Atsushi, but they can't be together because Atsushi already dated Kyouka and they both love each other so Reader feelings is one-sided. (DOES THAT EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE)
HideIsJustAsleep HideIsJustAsleep Jun 22, 2016
Me want to request!
                              Edgar. A. Poe x reader Genre: Fluff
                              Reader, being his assisstant, saw Poe fall asleep on his desk. Seeing his (fluffy, softy) hair reader, without they knowing, touching and ruffling his hair. 
                              The rest is yours! Thank you!
DAEGUB01 DAEGUB01 Jun 25, 2016
Okay so uhm, request 😂
                              Gin x (female)Reader since Gin's also a girl. Fluff maybe? Surprise me with the plot because I couldn't think of any c'x