The Little Black Book of Nothings

The Little Black Book of Nothings

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Melissa By sasa_lee Updated Sep 27


Every community has their secrets. But some are more sinful than others. In a world of lust, drugs and mental games, murder has now been introduced to the small town of Aurora. The last to see the victim, Lacey is driven by guilt and an unresolved past to find the culprit behind it. But in a town full of unsuspecting bad deeds it's hard to pinpoint who the suspect may be and who to trust. Even her friends.

With blood on every hand and facades that are impossible to determine if fake or real, Lacey is forced to expose herself in hopes of luring the killer to her before the blood of tainted innocence is spilled again.

Triggered and love it. Time to read. I just found this book. 😌. So excited to get addicted.
My anticipation is through the roof. I don't know what this will be about, but your writing is awesome, so I know it will be amazing:)
Daniellej24 Daniellej24 Jun 20
Great first chapter, cant wait to see how her story turns out
estew41 estew41 Jun 20
Hi lovely! I was wondering if u have a schedule planned for updating this book already? I've loved all your books in the past and I'm sure this one will be no exception
foreignnnn foreignnnn Jun 22
This sounds super scary let me buckle up & see what it's about