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RosesRed By PaintingTheRosesRed Updated Apr 23

"Let whoever can, win glory before death. When a warrior is gone, that will be his best and only bulwark."
-	Anonymous author of Beowulf 

For the warriors of Geatland, there is nothing greater than glory. For Brynhildr, daughter of Geatland's king, it is the only way to prove herself. 

Born with a freakish appearance, Bryn bears an eerie resemblance to the trolls, the vicious monsters that have terrorized her father's lands for generations. And with the trolls' sudden disappearance in the year of her birth, Bryn has had to endure the brunt of her people's fear and hatred all her life. 

Haunted by malicious rumors and angry at the world, Bryn only wishes for the glory that will earn her father's acceptance. But glory comes at a heavy price, one that Bryn discovers she may not be willing to pay...

Winner of the Fairy Tale Community Mix-up Novel Contest and the Fairytale Community Retelling Awards! A retelling of Tatterhood, Beowulf, and The Ring Cycle.

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#114 in Fantasy

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. Especially the pacing, not too long or too short. Looking forward to more. :)
I am new to wattpad. I have written a Fantasy short story " When i was young " and an innovative Love story " My third eye and My Name is daniel "
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Aw, come on. Who doesn't love walking around reminding everyone of vomit?!
writervid writervid Aug 03, 2016
Love this phrase, "melted into slush". Great word choice! :D
kayeroze kayeroze Jul 21, 2016
I love the Scandinavian elements weaved into your story. I think that it is a really eye catching start to your story.