Smitten Kitten (Naruto Fanfic.)

Smitten Kitten (Naruto Fanfic.)

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Halloweenreaper By HalloweenReaper Updated Nov 05

Naruto gets abandoned by his family and gets tortured by the villagers. One night he's at death's door, but a women saved him, a women named Kurama, the  nine tailed fox. What happens when Naruto gives up on his family and looks to the future for answers.

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Naruto x fem Kyuubi Fanfic

This is the best. This is how I've always wanted Kurama to act towards Naruto so thank you very much for such a great story :)
littleotuak littleotuak Aug 03
Update do you know how long ago it was since the last update. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasseeeeeee
edo00357 edo00357 Aug 02
I really like this story so far, it is well made and interesting.
                              but personally I think he needs to have some type of 'specialty' something to make him unique(preferably the rinn-sharingan[cause its awesome]), also id recommend making him very strong in order to spice things up.
                              anyways good luck
Ariehappy Ariehappy Sep 08
Upleease I can't wait anymore !! - even if i just start reading this story-  update soon as possible !! *^*