Smitten Kitten (Naruto Fanfic.)

Smitten Kitten (Naruto Fanfic.)

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Halloweenreaper By HalloweenReaper Updated Jul 22, 2017

Naruto gets abandoned by his family and gets tortured by the villagers. One night he's at death's door, but a women saved him, a women named Kurama, the nine tailed fox. What happens when Naruto gives up on his family and looks to the future for answers.

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Naruto x fem Kyuubi Fanfic

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HalloweenReaper HalloweenReaper Aug 18, 2017
I am sorry, but I failed you. There's no hope for me to change my ways.
PheonixTale PheonixTale Aug 21, 2017
Well atleast that's one very small perk he gets the back row to himself
IndividualityXL IndividualityXL Nov 05, 2016
This is the best. This is how I've always wanted Kurama to act towards Naruto so thank you very much for such a great story :)
littleotuak littleotuak Aug 03, 2016
teniabritto1234 teniabritto1234 Sep 07, 2016
Update do you know how long ago it was since the last update. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasseeeeeee
edo00357 edo00357 Aug 02, 2016
I really like this story so far, it is well made and interesting.
                              but personally I think he needs to have some type of 'specialty' something to make him unique(preferably the rinn-sharingan[cause its awesome]), also id recommend making him very strong in order to spice things up.
                              anyways good luck