Your My Light  (Frisk x Sans) Storie

Your My Light (Frisk x Sans) Storie

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Imani Dallas By daysoffaith Completed

If you look in the sky you'll see morning or night and in the sky above  their are to sides theirs the light and night. Although both sides want to rule the sky and would do what ever it takes neither will go against the mighty king & queen who rules the sky.

Now each side has a leader and a royal family. And when the time comes they will crown a new king and queen of either night or day .

But what happens if 2 from different sides of the royal family falls in love what will others think they are forced to hide their love.

But will their love join them together

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froggoflyingfrog froggoflyingfrog Nov 12, 2017
Omg I'm shocked of how similar this is to the AU I once create (but I deleted it). Nice job tho 👏
Im sooooo confuzzled! Is Chara a female with a male creepy voice or a male dressed as female
WOAH WOAH WOAH Chara can't be a man..... I think Asriel said hee gender in the game
ChristyK05 ChristyK05 Apr 22, 2017
I'm not used to Chara being a boy.... but OK THEN I WILL STILL READ 😄🙂
Khrystine715 Khrystine715 May 14, 2017
Just reading this bit, made me read the whole book. It is soooooo good!