Text me. | Jack Maynard ✔️

Text me. | Jack Maynard ✔️

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Text me // Jack Maynard & Lucy Hale


Jack: Hi.

Deja: Is this Jack?

Jack: I don't know, is it?

Deja: :) Very funny Jack

Jack: Pshh, I know


Jack Maynard and his brother Connor Maynard go to a party one night, and end up meeting two America girls who are visiting England for a short while. Jack asks 'Deja' one of the girls, for her phone number. The next day she texts him asking to hang out. As they hang out more and more, Jack starts developing feelings for her, but at the same time knowing she has to leave in a week. What will happen?

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fantastic_frankie fantastic_frankie 3 days ago
he has a nose ring, not a lip ring. although he would look pretty hot with a lip ring.
😂 yes once again Jack that is a great outfit u Smexy beast
I love this and I really would like if you went to check out my book
Am I the only one who doesn't know there phone number by heart?