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Letting Go: A Wilford Warfstache X Child! Reader

Letting Go: A Wilford Warfstache X Child! Reader

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Blood By BloodyNightSky Updated May 21

(This is book two to Rest Now: A Wilford Warfstache X Reader. Please check that out before reading this. Things in this book will make more sense when you do. Thank you.)
After... she died... I couldn't seem to let go. I felt her with me wherever I went, and just... couldn't see anybody else. Mark said that getting a child would help my... situation, as he put it. I'm not too sure, but... trying couldn't hurt. Right? 
She always wanted a child of her own.

*cough*septiplier away*cough**cough*otp*cough man i have a really bad cough today
When i saw in with that jacket on i thought he looked like a human barbershop pole
Jolly_Bean Jolly_Bean Jul 19, 2016
                              -sits and waits for the next chapter- 
                              This was great. ❤️
FaggityAndy FaggityAndy Oct 20, 2016
I get the feeling he's gonna be a dick.
                              Get it?
                              Oh, okay...
                              Because, like, Richard is another name for Dick?
                              Yeah, you still dont get it...
                              I'll just leave...
BadWolfSMC BadWolfSMC Jul 19, 2016
OMFG OMFG!  MY LIFE!  THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN DYING FOR! Anyways how adoptions work, you just do a background check, sign papers, meet the kid, have to kid stay with you awhile, bring them back to the thing to tell the director if they wanna stay with you (if they're like 7+) and boom adoption.
Signe_Delta Signe_Delta Dec 08, 2016
Oh my god XD, I'm I the only one imagining just Wilford in the interview rubbing his hands together like a villain in a cheesy movie.