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..:: Taboo ::.. [Brother's Conflict FanFiction]

..:: Taboo ::.. [Brother's Conflict FanFiction]

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Ashie By XxDarkSuccubusxX Updated Aug 23, 2015

Seventeen year old Ana has just lost her mother and is uprooted from her small home town to move in with her father’s new wife’s children in the big city. Now she has to adapt to life in the big city and going from being an only child to having FOURTEEN siblings. Asahina Brothers: Masaomi (31) Ukyo (29) Kaname (28) Hikaru (26) Tsubaki (24) Azusa (24) Natsume (24) Louis (21) Subaru (20) Iori (18) Yusuke (16) Fuuto (15) Wataru (10) Sister: Ema Hinata (16)  I may up the rating later on to R.... depending on how things go.... I'm leaning more towards mature than cutesy haha

NewOtakuGuy NewOtakuGuy May 11, 2016
OMG I just crated a new account on here and this just popped up when I searched anime! LOVED IT!
Me: Haruhi Fujioka, what would Tamaki do if he realized you were missing!
                              Haruhi: Probably go in his usual.
                              Me: Kyoya.
                              Haruhi: CRAP! I forgot about him! BYE AUTHOR-SAN! THANKS FOR LETTING ME CHILL HERE FOR AWHILE!
LonelyStarChan LonelyStarChan Feb 27, 2016
She's like a mix of Kanaya and Karkat XD
                              I JUST realized that XDD
LonelyStarChan LonelyStarChan Feb 27, 2016
I'm re-reading this story for the third time and I FORGOT THAT IT STARTS SO SADLY ;-;
- - Oct 25, 2015
T~T OMFG SO SAD *crying in in library like a stupid idiot*
                              Person: Are you ok
                              Me: *cries* noooo T~T
summasenpai summasenpai Aug 25, 2015
Let's be honest, everyone is reading this because of the lingerie thumbnail/cover.