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E U P H O R I A By Midnight_Indigo Updated Jul 18, 2017

The Devil Is Real And He's Not Some
Little Red Man With Horns And A Tail He Can Be Beautiful Because He's A Fallen Angel And He Used To Be God's Favorite.-Tate Langdon 

"Why do you care about me?"

"Because even darkness needs light."

☡Warning☡ Sexual content/language/words. May contain some violence and strong language. Slightly dark nature.

                [Originally Lucifer]

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MARVELGIRL1322 MARVELGIRL1322 Aug 09, 2016
I just wanted to say that in your description, Tate doesn't say that. It was the girl Tate scared.
Infatuated_Girl Infatuated_Girl Jan 28, 2017
I know kids in the background was like omg what is her problem
danesskie danesskie Jul 23, 2016
Aridia read this and most of your other book's  she kept going on at me to read it so now i am and i gotta say im hooked now.
LittleMissParadox13 LittleMissParadox13 Dec 08, 2016
Hi, I was just wondering if you were going to edit your work, because I found that there were a lot of commas missing and most of the commas were placed in places where they shouldn't be. Please don't take it as an offense, but as advice.
Your-Anonymous-One Your-Anonymous-One Jun 20, 2016
A round of applause for this beautiful person who wrote this story!
                              LOVED it!
                              Waiting for more of Florence and Lucifer
heatherhigh heatherhigh Aug 08, 2016
Tate didnt say the devil isnt a little red man thing it was the girl that tate attacked