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The Devil Is Real And He's Not Some
Little Red Man With Horns And A Tail He Can Be Beautiful Because He's A Fallen Angel And He Used To Be God's Favorite.-Tate Langdon 

"Why do you care about me?"

"Because even darkness needs light."

☡Warning☡ Sexual content/language/words. May contain some violence and strong language. Slightly dark nature.

                [Originally Lucifer]

You made a 'Harry Potter' reference. 'Who shall not be named'.
MARVELGIRL1322 MARVELGIRL1322 Aug 09, 2016
I just wanted to say that in your description, Tate doesn't say that. It was the girl Tate scared.
If I had a friend that acted like my second mother I would shoot myself
Rand129 Rand129 Dec 02, 2016
Oh my god this actually happened to my cousin (we're both girls) she went in the guys restroom and I stood outside like the heck she doing there😂😂😂
danesskie danesskie Jul 23, 2016
Aridia read this and most of your other book's  she kept going on at me to read it so now i am and i gotta say im hooked now.
OTAKUGIRL2003m OTAKUGIRL2003m Dec 08, 2016
Hi, I was just wondering if you were going to edit your work, because I found that there were a lot of commas missing and most of the commas were placed in places where they shouldn't be. Please don't take it as an offense, but as advice.