Hank's New Goal(Hank the Octopus X Human Reader story)

Hank's New Goal(Hank the Octopus X Human Reader story)

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LJGemini16 By LJGemini16 Updated Dec 05, 2016

I am SO freaking weird like wtf...
Ok, so imagine that Hank DID actually go to Cleveland to have his own personal aquarium so that way he can be in a state of solitude... NOW imagine when he meets the person that has to keep him in check and make sure he's well and stuff... That's when Hank develops a new goal..win the heart of his new care taker.

Will he succeed? Find out for yourself :D

(If you haven't seen Finding Dory yet, go see it before reading cuz there may be spoilers!)

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AngelxRaph AngelxRaph Apr 17, 2017
Do you think you could do a cough cough Marlin aka nemos dad x Fish sized mermaid reader cough cough
ButtonPastel ButtonPastel Nov 29, 2017
Some legends are told~🎶
                              Some turn to dust or to gold~🎶
                              But you'll remember me~🎶
                              Remember me for centuries~🎶
                              With just one mistake~🎶
                              It's all that will take~🎶
                              We'll go down in history~🎶
                              Remember me for centuries~🎶
MrKingdomHearts MrKingdomHearts Apr 10, 2017
Am I the only one who started singing The Cleveland Show opening every single time I see the word Cleveland
Echo-chan101 Echo-chan101 Apr 02, 2017
Why and how the hay did this come in my recommended...oh well YOLO BISHES
Rockstar-Ryann Rockstar-Ryann Sep 12, 2017
{*Singing Work by Rihanna*}
                              Work, work, work, work, work
                              You see me haffi
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- - Dec 10, 2016
Everyone here is really weird xD
                              Dont sorry your not alone lol