Galaxy Girl's Book Of Craziness

Galaxy Girl's Book Of Craziness

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My opinions, and little facts about me and my life. Also there are some tips for you, not that they are all useful. My tags are in here too so if you tagged me my response is in here! I've started to write poems, they might not be the best but they are really meaningful to me. 

Please no hate on this book because this is me being truthful. If you say anything mean in the comments of this book you would probably hurt my feelings because there are things about me in here, things about my idols in here, and lots more. Even if you said something mean about one of my idols you would hurt my feelings. So please think before you post. Not just on my work but on everyone's.


But why would you wanna copy this anyway? If you did... you really must've hit rock bottom.

Yara-12 Yara-12 Sep 17
Best novel I've read and I recommend you read it
                              You should read "Left behind" by : 0the_fangirl0 #teenfiction
coolcatAFP coolcatAFP Jul 15
I know my life is kinda weird but my sister needs to go back to her old life her pokemon life is so annoying