Forgot. Then. Remembered. (Sans X Frisk) [Slow updates]

Forgot. Then. Remembered. (Sans X Frisk) [Slow updates]

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I Care About You By Chilli_Writez Updated Jan 30

Started on 6/15/16

Also, this is my first story, so judge to harshly! I am still learning how to write a fanfic that people will enjoy reading! >///<


(Frisk is a female in this story) 

Frisk had an awful life on the surface. Her parents abandoned had her when she was very young...

She then went to an orphanage to try and get adopted. She did get adopted, twice... But...

The first time she was sent back to the orphanage almost immediately. The second time, her parents were abusive... 

Until she ran away to Mt. EBott...

When she purposely fell into the Underground, she didn't know this at the time, but the Underground and a certain monster would change her life. 


The character's ages! 

Frisk- 13, almost 14
Sans- 16
Asriel- 14
Papyrus- 15
Toriel- 43
Asgore- 46
Alphys- 17
Mettaton- 17
Undyne- 18


I do not own any of the characters in this story! All of them and UnderTale belongs to Toby Fox!

The cover was made by me!!! >v<

P.O.V - Point of view 

A/N - Author's note.

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