shadows。 yoonmin

shadows。 yoonmin

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[sequel to online]

☾after two years of separation, they meet again.☽

© whaelien 2016
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bbyseokjinn bbyseokjinn 3 days ago
um, no, the last thing I look at, this is a yoonmin ff not a vmin ff
I did enjoy yoonmin, and was tad bit upset ( I'll admit ) when yoonmin didnt end up together. However, I enjoyed it because it was interesting in many aspects.
Treesxlx Treesxlx Apr 29
I always say is it your work of art or  the readers ? Yours , dont pay attencion to those comments :) you write awsome hope you keep making alot of storys loves :)
No way!!!! I loved the book!!!! Doesn't matter if yoonmin didn't get together and why would I be here if I thought reading the first book was waste?? I love your writing!! And I'm so glad u made a sequel cuz I got to spend more time reading ur amazing work!!!!!
Ilove7bts Ilove7bts May 09
It was amazing don’t delete it.. it’s kinda sad that they aren’t together it’s like reading a vmin FF but it’s still good.. that is why I’m still reading and was searching for this FF at 3:00 AM on a school night so I can continue this amazing FF.
bbyseokjinn bbyseokjinn 3 days ago
ok, first of all, that someone isnt jimin, hes not the right person, second of all, plastic roses die? really? third of all no, jimin arent going to stand in a church right infront of you saying I do. beCAUSE JUNGKOOK IS!!!! ok harsh