The Beast And A Beauty

The Beast And A Beauty

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_LeviBae_ By Writings_lover Completed

"You're not a monster"

"If you've seen and heard what I've done, you would regret that Sentence"

"Well you havnt given me a good enough reason to call you something so cruel so why should I listen to what others say?"

" saw me kill those animals...I AM a monster...."

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That all changed when Hide (He-day) turned into a Ghoul and ate him up.
celinV celinV May 18
That all changed when he got a boner and ràpe someone then turned into a titan, killing everyone, he was cursed and now he lives in the same place where he lost everything, all because the one crime
                              (Wow, I need a theraphy)
For anyone who uses the American measurement system, Eren is about 6"6
Tekica-Teki Tekica-Teki Jun 27
"Well Erwin wants to marry Levi" - just like Gaston wants to marry Bella.
Lol, i used to get bullied for being a girl. But Karma got my bullies back.thats probaly how i gained anger management issues
ASmolTiredBean ASmolTiredBean Oct 24, 2016
I'm so sorry my Mistress please forgive 🙇    ∧_∧
                                (_  _   )