Daddy's Big Girl (Slow Updates)

Daddy's Big Girl (Slow Updates)

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LALA By lalalove201 Updated Nov 03, 2016

Kaitlin thought her life couldn't get any worse until she was adopted by the richest man in California. 

17 year old Kaitlin Makton lived a normal orphanage life, even though she didn't have much she was still a very happy person. That is until mister cold eyes as she calls him, make his way into her life.

35 year old Nicholas Lawson was the richest man in California. Anything he wanted he had. He
 thought that his life was always suppose to be grey and boring. That was until he bumped into Kaitlin Makton.

WARNING: this story is very explicit and sexy. It contains sex, more sex, and sex. If you don't like, don't read.

love123543 love123543 4 days ago
That's what they always say 🤔🤔😶😶😑😑😂😂😂
lolipopeliz8 lolipopeliz8 Oct 24, 2016
*Me slowly getting my head up to see the picture 
                              *Me chocking on my juice and spitting it out on my phone😲
-_Nerdy_- -_Nerdy_- Sep 25, 2016 you think this is? He not barney..or the cat in the can't go off with him like that.
Are u ok 
                              When u bumped your head all of sudden u lost common sense 😕
lolaspu lolaspu Oct 23, 2016
It's pink for an 17 year old it's pink does anyone think it's strange or is it just me
jamiecolborn jamiecolborn Dec 04, 2016
U want her you need her, and ill never be her, i hate you i love you