Patient Zero

Patient Zero

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☼ Marie Bell ☼ By Wanderlust544 Updated Nov 17

A Legend, the Reinforcement, Agent One, all of these names for Evelyn Slide, the number one agent of the CIP. The CIP was founded back in a time of spies, wars, and lies, Central Internal Placement. The main goal is simple: send an agent in, collect intel, and respond to the situation. 
    Evelyn Slide had this all under routine, after all she is known as a pathological liar but in this game there is nothing wrong with that. She works alone and gets the job done, her list of completed missions is longer than any other agent could hope for. 
    Some don't even believe in her, some believe she's fictional, made up by the agency to coerce the new recruits into doing better, but that is simply not the case. Evelyn works as a ghost, only speaking to her boss when collecting details for a new mission.
    The day things changed was the day she was assigned to infiltrate Omni Tech, a company believed to be doing human experiments. In order to do this mission she was given a team, working with other agents isn't exactly her speciality. After all when you don't carry empathy how can you be a people person? 
    What Evelyn didn't expect was that OMNI TECH working on humans, making people with extraordinary abilities. They are looking for someone with enough resilience to handle two powers, and guess who is the perfect match?
"I'll just be going then." I enforced the helpless victim façade with this statement.

"You're very pretty, let's have some fun." The words came out in a jumble and it took me a few seconds to piece together what he said. Needing to burn off energy I let the third and the second guy shove me against the brick.

"So I've been told." I snapped back and saw the eyes of the bald widen for a second before I wrenched my arms away from the second and third guy and clutched the throat of the man in front of me. 
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                              👏 well done with this. I will commend you on your description. You really gave it a blow👊 your first chapter was great. Keep it up
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Your character description is done in a really nice and subtle way. I can already tell Evelyn is a total badass well done!
evoquant evoquant Aug 11
You wrote the action scenes so well! Felt like I was watching a movie. Great first chapter as well. There were a few phrases that could be reconstructed for better flow.
I love how descriptive this is! Immediately this was really exciting and sets up the rest of the story beautifully. I really like Evelyn too. You're writing is incredible and I can't wait to read more!! #coffeeanddoughnuts
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