Ambitious Girl

Ambitious Girl

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I'm Platinum, I'm 19 years old. I'm a stripper at Onyx. I started working here a year ago. I was dancing in a contest for money when the boss, Raz, spotted me. He told me he wanted me to dance for him. I needed the money and it was fast so I started that night. Typical stripper story though, paying for tuition. 

I parked my car and went inside. I walked to the dressing room and was immediately disgusted, it smelled so horrible. I went to my station, put on red lipstick and that was it. I don't need makeup. I put on a black, lace dress with nothing under it. 

"Coming to the stage, everyone's favorite! Ice!" 

That's my stage name, weird huh? I know. Raz gave me that name cuz he said I'm the coldest dancer he ever had. 

I walked on the stage in my red stripper heels and started doing my tricks. Men immediately started throwing 50's and 100's cuz they know I only accept big faces bills. My routine was a fast one tonight. "Bounce it" by Juicy J was playing. I finished, collected...

LovePeaceBlueDream LovePeaceBlueDream Apr 15, 2015
The sentences are super nin-descriptive, but it seems like the plot might be interesting
destinyyyxx destinyyyxx Mar 31, 2015
he don't got know room to judge her he a dope boy it ain't like she giving it up too people like I wouldn't even take a glance at his ass nigga you Chase me and that's when I know it's real
Moni_Mi Moni_Mi Mar 05, 2015
Ümm dats da same stripper name for the main character In "Innocent"
lilpoohbearmarra lilpoohbearmarra Feb 19, 2015
 the coldest dancer so he called u ice I like that that's cold
ReyannLong100 ReyannLong100 Oct 17, 2014
thiss book seem intresting or whatever , but every time i read an book somebody meet somebody in fall inn love .