Its Not New York Without A Dream

Its Not New York Without A Dream

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Third book in the series!

John and Alex move to New York because of a promotion and a dream. Is it going to be all they expected? Or will Alexander's dream burn?

Haha that pun though.

*Burn starts playing*

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It's gonna be called Miranda: An American Musical. I just know it.
i've just read all three of these today
                              the entire trilogy straight through.
                              i started at around half seven
                              its currently ten o'clock
                              i spent 3 hours and a half reading lams anfic
ineedajelloshot ineedajelloshot Apr 23, 2017
Lowkey only clicked on this to say "NEW YORK, WHERE DREAMS ARE MAAAAADEEEEEEEE"
wordsofwisdumb wordsofwisdumb May 04, 2017
Omg i actually thought it was gonna be like a 32 bar type of song but woops
YueRodriguezMartinez YueRodriguezMartinez Mar 13, 2017
he is like a wife, and i want one like him, if i can find one
krazy_Fangirl_4life krazy_Fangirl_4life Dec 18, 2016
                              GOTTA GET THE JOB DONE
                              GOTTA START A NEW NATION 
                              GOTTA MEET MY SON!!!!!