Fate Brought Us Together Again; Yoonmin

Fate Brought Us Together Again; Yoonmin

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Long time ago, a man named Min Yoongi was king of Daegu Empire and is marry to the most beautiful bride and queen ever named Park Jimin until one day, an another king from another kingdom/empire was trying negotiate with Yoongi but the king had another offer for Yoongi and Yoongi refused his offer which cause war between them. 

In order for Yoongi to save his people, he wonder out to the wood and was bit by a bat causing him to change into a vampire with super strength and super speed. During the war between the two empire, he lost the one he loves who was stab and push off the balcony. He fought his enemy in revenge of killing his friends, his people and also his love, and he won the fight.
Centuries has pass and Min Yoongi is still vampire, living in the modern world, is now 124-year-old. He met new friends but that's not all. He saw Jimin, the love of his life again on the street in the street market, what he didn't know was that his love was with someone else and doesn't remember Yoongi at all. Can Yoongi get Jimin back and be reunited again and live for an eternity. 

If you guys like Dracula, this is similar with that but my own style of course. For all the Yoonmin shipper, enjoy.


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svdgh0st svdgh0st Nov 22
We all know that Jimin is going to die but I’m highkey not ready
SlayinKwiin SlayinKwiin Nov 10
What the heck?! I just remembered this is just a prologue wtf?!
svdgh0st svdgh0st Nov 22
Wait what lmao “you owe us because we aren’t satisfied with the women we have”
I just thought of jin singing "I don't give a seat I don't give a fok"
My father louis Williams suga Adams junior the third be with you all