Obsessive Love

Obsessive Love

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Being obsessed can be dangerous, especially if the person obsessed with you is the biggest gangleader in America.
Aphrodite Prinsloo is a looker. Big doe eyes, straight brows, cute little nose and thick, puffy lips. She's the girl every boy wants to be with and every girl wishes to be. In  school all the guys talk about her and all the girls envy her. She's the popular girl, but she doesn't know.

Dimitri Vega is the biggest gang leader in America and Europe. He's bipolar and agressive. He's a fucked up murderer that hates people. He holds a cigarrette between his lips, burning the things he never says. 

When he meets this beautiful, kind, naive girl he immediately is attracted to her and with the time he develops an obsession.

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Well, y'all can have him. He is hawt af. But my love is Ian Somerhalder
BOI 🙃 the door 👉🚪 what if his mom calls him by his name .. is he gonna get a boner?😦 ( *that's so ravens voice* YA NASTY 😷
🙄how she feel something for a stranger.... she just said he's dangerous so she's staying away. Then she called him sir... and she got a boyfriend 🙄and when he gets all obsessed with her she gonna wish she would've left that club but whatever
I'm the only one who noticed when he said " she's probably 17 and she looks young that's why I want her so bad" first of all i'm not saying he's a  pedophile but that's exactly what i'm saying 😶
LionKing42 LionKing42 Jun 03
I'm laughing right now. I always do that when I hear, read or see anything sexual I just laugh and I have no clue why. Just in case you were wondering he has a boner😂😂😂😄
Happy birthday my love in 3 minutes💜💜💜💜💜💜🌎🌎🌎🌎