Geekcharming (Amourshipping)

Geekcharming (Amourshipping)

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XxWhiteYvonnexX By XxWhiteYvonnexX Updated May 12

Meet Ash Ketchum, he's one of the popular boys of Kalostruckhigh.

Every girl and boy adores him, because of his popularity and being the handsome devil he is.

Until a certain geek entered his life and ruined his fame forever.

But here's the twist, he was okay with it.

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Someone call 911 we have a burn victim here, name: Ash's Ego
Hikase-Hana Hikase-Hana Mar 11
Yes, a 'nobody' that nearly beaten the Kalos queen, saved the Kalos region, and is a pokevision star. *sarcasm* Totally 'nobody'
SumikoP SumikoP May 08
Was it luka. Cause everyone knows tuna=luka. Luka x tuna #shipitsomuch
I know which film your talking about and I can TOTALLY see why you would base this book on it
amourchu13 amourchu13 Jul 01
Who wants a dish I made up ? It's called burned ash ketchup dish . 
Fvck this shlt I'm out! Don't mind me, imma just get the fvck and leave! Fvck this shlt I'm out!