Firefly (Reiner x Reader) (Eren x Reader) (Bertholdt x Reader)

Firefly (Reiner x Reader) (Eren x Reader) (Bertholdt x Reader)

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HourglassofPromises By HourglassofPromises Updated Jul 04

This is an attack on titan fanfiction. I mean, of course it is, why else would you be here? I hope you like the story, and requests for what happens next are allowed!

If you're a guy, then feel free to change the pronouns.

I don't have rights to the characters or art.


I am coming up with so many perverted scenarios in my head right now !!!!!!!!!!!
I love milk though ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
                              I need help
Bitch if a titan stepped on my brother I Woulda whacked it around the head with a log before stomping on it ma self.
DoopieDop DoopieDop Jul 11
Don't. You. Bring. Marco. Into. This. My. Baby. Has. Been. Though. A. Lot. Already.