Harry Styles Preferences

Harry Styles Preferences

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Alohaaaa By AlohaChik Updated Dec 30, 2016

I must say, being on tour with my brother and the boys is pretty awesome, but it also has its flaws. All the concerts and travelling to new places is really fun but we're also on the tour bus for hours on end before we finally arrive at our destination.

Me and Harry have always had that really close brother and sister relationship, even when Harry left for X-factor and never came home, we still managed to maintain that strong relationship we had.

I've now been on tour with the boys for just over 7 months and it's been a blast. After I ended a 3 year relationship with my boyfriend, Harry suggested I go on tour with him to try and brighten my mood and so far it certainly has.

Last night I started to have really bad stomach pains that would knock the breath out of me but only occurred every half hour or so, I told Harry and he said...

"You're 18, it's probably your period" and to be honest it probably was as I was due any day now.

When I woke up this morning I was still getting stoma...

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