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Romance In The Night

Romance In The Night

11.9K Reads 169 Votes 12 Part Story
Aerixx By Aerixx Updated Jun 19, 2011

Kasey is a 17-year-old teenager who has the cat present with her.  Through generations and generations the feline (cat) trait has been passed down, meaning they look human from the outside, but have the ability to turn into a certain species of a cat.  Because of the overwhelming amount of cats, Kasey’s early ancestors formed a great Feline Kingdom; that happened to be bordering the Vampire Kingdom.  The Feline Kingdom was peaceful at first until the vampires made their move.  Kasey then has a difficult situation on hand.  The Kingdom of Vampire's and The Kingdom of Feline's finally collide in a nasty war.  Only Kasey is sent off the human world by her parents to be protected from vampires, or so they thought.  In fact Kasey fell in the hands of the Vampire King and was given to his son Prince Cayden as a hostage.  She’s stuck with Cayden, the arrogant prince.  Will something cook up between them?  Will Kasey return home or forever be stuck among the enemies?  Find out on Romance In The Night!

BeautifulRebel17 BeautifulRebel17 Mar 15, 2016
Not bad. It's a rather interesting story. I think this is something that I would read, and I'm very picky about that kind of thing lol. If you don't mind, would you please read my book? The Crash? Please, and thank you
paigemae23 paigemae23 Jan 22, 2011
This is a great start. Very promising. Although I think that vapores are very overdone this twist on it is exremely unique and interesting. Based on sheer originality I think this deserves a vote. Xxx
lucky97 lucky97 Jan 09, 2011
this is so cool and original!!!!! I love it!! Anyways, I'm just going to vote the six times like i promised to do, and I will read it later since i don't have to time right now. but i promise i will:) adding to library
AnonomiaUnknownia AnonomiaUnknownia Jan 09, 2011
i like the idea of having them being feline and vampires rather than just werewolfs
Deesk118 Deesk118 Jan 03, 2011
@Aerixx ;D Yeah. I do that.. It all makes sence to me but other people are like, 'huh?' >.< Hahaha
Aerixx Aerixx Jan 03, 2011
@Deesk118 I know, I know.  I really can't edit my own stories because I know exactly what I mean and it makes sense in my head, but not in words. =P Anyway....thanks :)  I'll have to be more careful about grammar mistakes.