•I Wíll Såçrífíçê• |Ådríêñ/Çhåt Ñøír X Rêådêr|

•I Wíll Såçrífíçê• |Ådríêñ/Çhåt Ñøír X Rêådêr|

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KPOP IS LIFE By Just_Some_Fangirl1s1 Updated Sep 03

Your parents died when you were 6..... Ever sense your parents died you hated life.... You wanted to die.... Wishing everyday you would die..... 

One day your adopted parents send you to Paris and there you go to school and meet new people.... One day.... You meet Ladybug and Chat Noir...

What will happen next?

A/N: I don't own ANY of the art I will use in this book!!!!

"Sacrifice... What a strange word...."

What are panda and my weapons? And what are our special abilities?
Hmp 3 words
                              HATERS GONNA HATE!!!!!!! 
                              Random people: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH