The Story of Seth

The Story of Seth

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[old version]

"It's not an illness." I touched my hand to his face. "It's just a weakness. Everyone has weaknesses." He lit up, smiling that beautiful smile that I loved so much.

                                                           * * * *

Becca Crawford. Smart, pretty, and popular.

Seth Carson. Cute, adorable, and mentally ill.

They may seem totally different, but in reality, they're more alike than one would think.

Not really fitting in, they manage to find each other when Seth comes to Becca's school as the 'new kid'. Everyone in the popular crowd just dismisses him. Everyone, but Becca.

They look like the perfect couple, the perfect match. That is until Cal, the football quarterback who'd do anything to get what or who he wants, threatens to reveal Becca's rebellious past to Seth.

She's determined to keep him away from the secret, but not everything works the way we plan it to.

Will Seth and Becca's relationship make it through everything? Or will something else come up that will keep them apart forever?

cover by @redblacklady

A/N: The sequel to this is in present tense, so I'm changing this story to present tense, also, because I like it so much better. You can totally still read it, just be aware that it might suddenly change tenses while you're reading. lol.

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Michi1608 Michi1608 May 23, 2016
The story will be the same with changes but will the ending and sequel be about the same. What I mean is will the stories have the same meaning as the rewritten ones?
louann908 louann908 Jan 26, 2016
can emma her hair can it be blonde like in american horror story or scream queens
Catalina_x3 Catalina_x3 Aug 12, 2015
I have always loved this book, I have told many of my close friends to read it and they are. I'm so excited to see what you will do because I loved the first time so second time, here we go (:     (Even tho I have read them many times )
jjayjjax jjayjjax Aug 06, 2015
K but pleasepleaseplease don't take this down I love this it's one of my favourite books I love it so so much please don't delete it ever
sholii sholii Aug 06, 2015
Please dont take it down until you've finished! I absolutely love this story and in in the middle or my fourth read through. Im glad youre giving it another go, i cant wait to see the changes you'll make. Best of luck!!
smartygirl123 smartygirl123 Aug 06, 2015
Your a talented writer and I can't wait till I see what you will do with this amazing book!