Papa loves me... Right? (Orochimaru's Daughter) {ON HOLD}

Papa loves me... Right? (Orochimaru's Daughter) {ON HOLD}

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Psychotic Lover By Kureiji_otaku Updated Nov 13

Who knew that Orochimaru had a daughter? But the problem is, she thinks that he doesn't love her. Hitomi lacks ninjutsu and can't seem to go one day without Orochimaru's experiments trying to kill her. 

So, Hitomi vows to become stronger and will do whatever it takes to make her father proud. Even if it means going past her limit. However, her plans have been set on hold when an unknown visitor comes to the hideout and tells Hitomi to stay away from Orochimaru.

Who is this person? How do they Hitomi? Will Hitomi get her father's approval? Read the story to find out.

This is the same thing that happened to crona from soul eater
Neko_Rui Neko_Rui Aug 23
Please keep on writing I'll support you thought the whole book