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Jack Maynard Imagines

Jack Maynard Imagines

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Lauren By lm_lem Updated 2 days ago

A book of imagines and preferences written by yours truly. 
  **Requests are open** just tell me your name, general appearance, and the situation. 
  I'm updating at least once a week
  **None of the pictures I use are mine, copyright to owner**
  Started 19/06/2016

sugglee sugglee Aug 17, 2016
He beautiful what Kanye say? I love him the Maynard family is amazing ❤️
bdjvdscvd bdjvdscvd Oct 30, 2016
Hey I was wandering if you could do one for me😊 My names Jessica (Jess), blue eyes, brown hair, very short... Lots of cuddles, Kissing, late night chats, getting drunk at clubs. Thanks so much xx
HannahroseHill HannahroseHill Nov 01, 2016
Britain = sweets not candy  crisps not chips. Shop not store (sorry)
lukeclifford23 lukeclifford23 Aug 24, 2016
luke hemmings I beautiful, mikey is a little Jack is just cute and hot
Luvley14 Luvley14 Sep 22, 2016
mariette, green eyes, brown/blondish hair. lot of cuddles and kissing ;). please and thank you xxxxx
coopercronkfan coopercronkfan Sep 20, 2016
erin, blue eyes, brown ombre hair, I don't mind what happens in it?