Control (MCSM Lukesse Fanfiction)

Control (MCSM Lukesse Fanfiction)

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Drake Freer By CoolGuy142 Updated Nov 06


Cover by BlazingFlareonX on Deviantart. Thx ^^

"I'm killing everyone... I can't stop... He... He keeps controlling me like I'm a toy!"

"It's okay Lukas. It's okay..."

"How?! I killed everyone we just know!"

"You can control it. You can control HIM."

May I make the comic version of your story? I will credit you and even leave link for the original, OK?
I'm not the only one that kills Stamps off in an MCSM fanfic!
(Cries) NOOOO!!!!! NOT STAMPYCAT FAV YOUTUBER IN MCSM (next to Lizzie) :,(
- - Jul 17
It was very freaky when Cassie wanted to throw me out the window! (p.s never forgetting that feeling it gives me the shivers..)
- - Jul 17
hah, its good that none of this never happened, Stampy was.. growing on me as a friend, oh and, i just like reading fan fiction of the adventures that my group go on, to see what people write, it really is cool