(Dancetale) Better Dancing Together - Sans X Reader [DISCONTINUED]

(Dancetale) Better Dancing Together - Sans X Reader [DISCONTINUED]

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[16/08/17] Edit- Okay. Warning. This was written carelessly? The grammar isn't too bad, but it isn't too great either. This is also discontinued. Go to @Lilliyona to see the continuation. Bad jokes were also made cause I didn't know how to do jokes. So there's a lot of cringe, probably. It isn't as bad as my older books, but it's still bad in my opinion. That's all. Goodbye.

Heyo, too lazy to explain anything! So yeah, all I can say is just, this will be in High School so meaning teen Sans and everyone are teens except for Toriel and Asgore! And yes it's Dancetale like what it says in the title! Chapter one might wouldn't sound like it would be Dancetale, but trust me, I have plans! And I know that, it also may sound like another cliche type of Highschool crap, but I promise things won't be like that!

Hope you enjoy~

  I do not own Undertale nor Dancetale.
  I do not own the art for the cover.

(Edit- Warning: 
One New Chapter Every Week Or Two.
Might Contain A Few Swearing Here And There.
Cringe At The First Few Chapters-in my opinion now that I've grown up a bit-.)

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pop_goes_the_weasel1 pop_goes_the_weasel1 Jun 26, 2017
There's no butter to make that pun but I rellish the fact that you try to ketchup to sans level
DanielleCutie41 DanielleCutie41 Oct 17, 2017
FYI Juliet, my dad is a police officer and I’m rich and I wouldn’t hesitate to call him on my IPhone X. Oh also Juliet suck a dïck. 
                              (Don’t worry this is fake in not rich or a white bîtch who brags about those stuff XD I just got mad
Saniope Saniope Aug 18, 2017
Um, my hair is way to thick and curly to put in a cute ponytail, it always puffs out at the end or even sometimes breaks the ponytail, not to mention that if i do manage to get my hair  in a ponytail it will just mess up to where there are stray hairs everywhere in a matter of minutes
WingedWolfPack WingedWolfPack Apr 08, 2017
                              |S A V E|
                              *New girl from Chara
                              [You threaten to tell your father if Chara doesn't leave the new girl alone]
                              [Chats scoffs and runs away!]
                              [YOU WIN! 0 G - 0 E X P]
JustHereCringe JustHereCringe May 11, 2017
Hair into a ponytail. Puts fringe into tiny ponytail hanging in front of face. Yes.
Saniope Saniope Aug 18, 2017
Awwww poor little azzy, I'm sorry, you are really nice, but i see you more as a close friend. Great now i feel guilty for not even giving him a chance